III. Biotech Innovators & Economic Impact


Products and services that have resulted from research:

Non-selective herbicides can be used to kill and remove all weeds in one quick application; this is efficient, and it results in less spraying and lower operating costs. However, they can also kill valuable crops if the crops are not herbicide resistant. Herbicide resistant crops can facilitate low tillage cultural practices which many farmers think is more sustainable.  Also, farmers can manage weeds without turning to some of the more environmentally suspect types of herbicides. Another service is that farmers can control weeds during the entire growing season, and they can be more flexible when it comes to spraying. A product that has resulted from herbicide resistant crops is glyphosate. Glyphosate, or Roundup, is the most commonly used herbicide in the United States (gmo-compass.org).

Roles that people have played in developing these products/services:

Monsanto is the company that develops RoundUp which develops Glyphosate.  Monsanto has been by far the most prominent corporation, promoting the introduction of biotechnology, and it is the world leader in this field. Monsanto was founded by John Francis Queeny.  Frank V AtLee III is the chairman of Monsanto. Hugh Grant is the president and CEO of Monsanto.Also, people in molecular genetics used methods of traditional breeding to produce herbicide resistant crops.


-  Farmers

     There is a large market and a large quantity for herbicide resistant crops and Glyphosate (Roundup). Herbicide resistant crops totaled as 61% of the biotech crops being planted around the globe. In other words,a lot! Also, Glyphosate is used for residential purposes and commercial purposes as well. Glyphosate is mass produced, and Monsanto is a large company. Monsanto also caters to every customer. 


-  HRC's (Herbicide Resistant Crops) enable farmers to use a flexible, manageable, efficient strategy.

-  HRC's may be favorable to the environment by allowing for flexible weed management compared to conventional systems.

-  Costs in weed control programs have decreased in both conventional and HRCs because of the reduced prices of herbicides.



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